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My four door beast: The Life and Times of a 1970 Chevy Nova

Welcome to my Nova page.

This page is dedicated to the restoration of my 1970 Chevrolet Nova(this site has a NFFA rule, No Ford Fans Allowed ;).

The Novas Future

I have big plans for my nova. I am currently doing the bodywork on it. When i am done with the bodywork it will be painted marina blue, with two black SS stripes. I am going to put a set of SS396 rims on it. Then when i finish the bodywork i have minor interior work to do because the interior was in great shape. The backseat looks as though it has never been sat in. I will put a new carpet in it, install some kind of new stereo, have new vinly put on the lower half of the front seat, and install a new back dash because it is all warped from sitting in sunlight. Then i am going to pull the motor back to do a complete rebuild.I am going to leave it standard bore if possible, and pretty much leave the bottom end original (except the rod bolts and main bolts will be replace with ARP's. Then i plan to have a valve job done to the heads and have the valves ported and leave the stock size valves in it( i have already put pinned the rocker arm studs). Then i will put a set of roller rockers on it and install a small 11/16 harmonic balancer for reduced crank weight.I have already put in a new cam( 420/442 lift with a 212 duration @50). Then install a MSD series 6AL ignition box with rev limiter.And i have a limited slip unit on the way to give my rear end posi( the rear end is a 8.2 10 bolt with a 2.52 gear) i chose to leave the gear alone because its going to be a daily driver and i drive 20 miles to and from work each day. Those are my plans as of now.